From Italy with Love

Florence feels so tangible. It grabs your hand and pulls you back in time- walking you through vibrant visions of growth, change, strife, and beauty. The grandeur is apparent yet humble and welcoming. I really never want to leave this enchanting place.

Traveling by train throughout Europe has been incredible! Just when we thought we'd never find our way out of Nice (rail strikes are a common occurrence), a random professor lent his travel knowledge and helped us figure it out. After a 14 hour journey from the South of France, we have made it to beautiful Florence. The hostile we are staying in is amazing, and we made a great friend who is on a 4 month backpacking trip from Australia. She had the inside scoop on where to get the best gelato, so off we went. We made our best attempts at Italian since we were far away from tourist town.

And here it is- the best gelato you well ever set eyes on. They say you know it's good gelato if it's covered up rather than on display. You know the locals don't need to see it to know it's good, and it's more fresh that way. We loved it so much we took the 45 minutes walk there twice. 

Happy blogging!


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