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3 Arts Cafe Chicago, Tea time, and giving up coffee

In a time where technology incessantly casts a blue light on our faces, its easy to let technology cast a shadow across everything we do. It's nice to set aside our iphones and take part in an antiquated activity once in a while. Historically, high tea was popularized in England by some bougie duchess who would get hangry between lunch and dinner. Bet you didn't think you could relate to an English dutchess from the 1800s.
For me, tea has become a staple, having given up coffee one year ago. Much like a best friend, coffee helped me get though those late night study sessions, exams, and working 2 jobs while going to classes full time. (Bless you, Colectivo). After so many years of relying on caffeine, I'd decided that it was time for a change. Tea has become a new go-to, and what better way to sip a cup than among greenery and posted up on plush restoration hardware couches. The 3 Arts Cafe located inside Restoration Hardware is a nice midday retreat, where you can sit ba…

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