Red White and Retro

The moment I caught glimpse of the Aldo Rise collection, I immediately honed in the Aldo + Libertine T-strap sandals. They're the perfect red white and blue summery patent heel to complete an updated retro americana look, and I'm absolutely in love. The red chiffon skirt is an exact replica of the AA pleated chiffon skirt, but 1/20th the price. (Or should I say the AA chiffon pleated skirt is a replica of this vintage one!) Found this red midi skirt at a thrift store for $2. The white blouse with lace detail is from the H&M conscious collection, and is made of the most lovely recycled cotton. I advise NOT putting the conscious collection garments in the dryer though, they shrink to crop tops in a few seconds flat. And there you have it- an updated patriotic look :)

Top: H&m conscious collection, Skirt: Vintage, Shoes & Bracelets: Aldo


Aldo Rise, Aldo + Libertine Sandals 


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