Thrifted (Self-Gifted)

Pinnacle revelation of they day; based on first-hand experience, I've come to the conclusion that Salvation Army has no organizational guidelines for how they sort their clothing, aside from possibly level of smelly-ness. Or number of stains. Of course, that's why everything is pocket change away from owning :)

The good news: Found 5 adorable items for under ten dollars. The skirt is vintage from Re-Threads, and reminded me of one from J. Crew's early spring colection. The blouse, Laura Biagotti-esk sun glasses, were about a dollar each. The satchel is perlina leather, and in surprisingly good condition. The inside is brilliant, with compact pockets for ID's and cards. Overall, so thrilled!

(both photos are pretty shifty quality. The J.crew skirt (bottom) was photographed too bright, and the top skirt is less red and more orangey. In reality, they're very similar in color!)


In the Navy?

Don't worry, I'm not about to blog about sailor inspired clothing. I just have a problem. Can't stop buying all things Navy blue. I'm wanting to spring into June with light or bright colors, but I just keep coming back to the basics...



I'm Dreaming of a Green Wedding

The "W" word won't leave my mind lately. Weddings, I mean. Not that I want to get married, or even have any idea of who the lucky man will be (aside from James Franco, of course). I just have an affinity for ballroom gowns, statement pieces, and a reason to buy a new dress. Plus, weddings are a roll-call for men my age to scramble for dates. What woman wouldn't find a suitor wearing this classy, adorable, silk embroidered, coat dress from Oscar de la Renta?  

Some of my favorite looks from the RTW collection.
Soo many vibrant bold and floral patterns.
(click the photo for a link)


Spring Froxxx

Perhaps I got a bit ahead of myself while shopping yesterday. I came across this dress in blue at J.Crew and it was the most beautifully shaped, 100% silk, girly shift I could imagine for spring. Alas, the dress is now right at home with the other excessive amounts of floral in my closet. This picture doesn't do it justice though, the pale palm color washes out the model below. The blue is subtle and and pretty.. and I better get invited to a wedding soon because this is my pre-picked attire.
Click the photo for a link!

It's much more stunning in blue.
(and try to ignore those shoes).


Born Free Part II

Fear not! There's isn't snow on the ground. It just took me a month to develop these.. and looking at them is making the chilly rain that's been drenching us seem a little more bearable, no? In all honesty. there's something lovely about dark and damp, dreary April afternoons.


Scarf This Down

If there's one good thing about this time of year in Milwaukee, it's that the wishy-washy weather gives us a prime excuse to hide our hair under one of many hair accessories. Whether it's warm and windy, or cold and snowy, there's nothing quite as versatile as tossing up your locks and wrapping them in a head scarf. Like a present! (Okay I'm pushing it). Of course, you always have the ol' outspoken bro joe shmo who naïvely blurts out that your accessorizing reminds him strikingly of a babushka. Or, in my case, a male friend that declares your hair "kind of reminds him of the lady on the syrup bottle". Well, darling, here is proof that head scarfs are making an appearance today, post-1800's, and on more fashionable women than Mrs. Butterworth. Sorry to burst your waffle.

Click photo for a how-to video.

Top photos: by freepeople
Bottom Photo: by me! 



Oh, ASOS and I are the perfect pair. Whenever I'm feeling down, a few minutes of retail therapy, and I'm bright and cheery once again. The site is an excellent place to search out and discover clothing and accessories from affordable, to high-end. Especially the more obscure trendy pieces that scarcely make their appearance in physical form anywhere in Milwaukee aside from a thrift shop or boutique (if you're lucky). I was delighted to see this little feature on the site today! Reminded me of a post I made last month: here. How can you not love "the clean, minimalist look seen at Céline, Chloé and Calvin Klein"?

Click the photo to check out the spread.


Pro Nails!

By some stroke of luck, matte purples and pinky nudes are trending this spring (I guess, when aren't they?). Lucky for me, I happened to buy just about every matte pink/purple sephora polish during winter, perhaps in a desperate attempt to solidify my faith that the stark blue winter would someday melt away.
Shout out to Erica for using my nails as a canvas for her awesome nail art skills!

Yes, that is silver glitter purple diamonds you are seeing.
"That's what they say- Mess it up? Put some glitter on it!"

Click here for spring polish inspirations.

And Kid Sister for some real inspiration. (had to.)


Sperry Sweeps

April showers bring more.. of a need for boat shoes? And flowers. But for my purpose, let's talk about Sperry Topsiders. If possible, I'd own a pair in each color, and don them daily with rolled up denim. I scarcely wear jeans, but these not only make me feel the need to wear a slouchy pant, but also hijack someone's sailboat and gracefully sail away, looking picturesque all the while.

Looks like my dream could come true.. "upload a picture of yourself in Sperrys for your chance to win a new pair of Sperry Top-Siders every month for an entire year."


Top photo: Sperry Remixed by me 
Bottom Photo: Via Teen Vogue

Lust For Life

It was 83 degrees in Milwaukee today! Like animals after winter hibernation, the people of the city seem to emerge drearily from their dark hiding places with a renewed hunger for social contact. People were sprinkled in chattering bunches on stoops, patios, and of course- on the shore of Lake Michigan. Our mass-flocking to the lake went without saying. After about an hour, whether by bike, foot, or car; friends left their hang-over headaches at home, grabbed snacks, shades, and beer, and headed to the shore.

At the end of winter, Milwaukee Natives may be a pinch jaded, but the arrival of spring brings on a whole new perspective :)