Thrifted (Self-Gifted)

Pinnacle revelation of they day; based on first-hand experience, I've come to the conclusion that Salvation Army has no organizational guidelines for how they sort their clothing, aside from possibly level of smelly-ness. Or number of stains. Of course, that's why everything is pocket change away from owning :)

The good news: Found 5 adorable items for under ten dollars. The skirt is vintage from Re-Threads, and reminded me of one from J. Crew's early spring colection. The blouse, Laura Biagotti-esk sun glasses, were about a dollar each. The satchel is perlina leather, and in surprisingly good condition. The inside is brilliant, with compact pockets for ID's and cards. Overall, so thrilled!

(both photos are pretty shifty quality. The J.crew skirt (bottom) was photographed too bright, and the top skirt is less red and more orangey. In reality, they're very similar in color!)


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