Scarf This Down

If there's one good thing about this time of year in Milwaukee, it's that the wishy-washy weather gives us a prime excuse to hide our hair under one of many hair accessories. Whether it's warm and windy, or cold and snowy, there's nothing quite as versatile as tossing up your locks and wrapping them in a head scarf. Like a present! (Okay I'm pushing it). Of course, you always have the ol' outspoken bro joe shmo who naïvely blurts out that your accessorizing reminds him strikingly of a babushka. Or, in my case, a male friend that declares your hair "kind of reminds him of the lady on the syrup bottle". Well, darling, here is proof that head scarfs are making an appearance today, post-1800's, and on more fashionable women than Mrs. Butterworth. Sorry to burst your waffle.

Click photo for a how-to video.

Top photos: by freepeople
Bottom Photo: by me! 


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