Everything Has Changed

There are too many great musicians gracing Milwaukee with their presences lately! Balancing 18 credits and recreational activities is proving to be an interesting challenge, but my schedule had to be cleared this past Thursday to see the talented William Fitzsimmons play at Shank Hall.

Prior to that afternoon, I'd never been to that little dive-y venue. It wasn't awful. Much more personal than anywhere else on the east side. Cactus club may have made a bit more sense though. At any rate, it was probably the most enjoyable day I've had this whole semester. Nice to have a bit of a break!

The Illinois/Indiana natives have been hitting a venue almost everyday, so naturally they were tired and hungry. We thought Comet would be the perfect spot to grab a bite before the show, but it was raining and we had quite a walk ahead of us. Instead, the four of us walked the 5 blocks, and grabbed Thai to-go from EE-Sane instead. (Side note: never get above a level 5 spicy).

Here are the few photos I was able to grab between wine in a coffee cup, rain, dinner, and epic chats.

If you haven't already checked out his album, Gold In the Shadow, I definitely recommend picking it up. It's a clever concept, radiating around the theme of mental illness. It's a fair amount more cheery and optimistic than his previous 2 albums. To put it universally, if you like Bon Iver or Iron & Wine, you need to listen to this stuff.

For an idea of live performance: here
Like William on facebook for more information: here


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