Hello wonderful World Wide Web, who's vast encodings capture my attention, confounding me with technologically advanced wonders which inevitably wind the dusty cranks and knobs in my old-fashioned cob-webb mind. I should probably mention I'm not a 50 year-old technology-illiterate grandmother. I digress, though, what I mean to say is-

I'm Natasha,
a recent graduate from a fantastic university, and newly enrolled student in the school of life. I may have a Bachelor of Arts in communication, and certification in cultural and community studies, but I will never stop having a deep desire to study and learn more. Here you will find a collection of all things I perceive as aesthetically pleasing or noteworthy, such as style, design, diy, and travel. 

 This is my personal blog. The idea is that everything I post made some kind of impact on me, so I share it here so it can make an impact on you too. 

Happy Blogging!
xo Natasha
^that's me up there

last updated: 8/4/2014


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