2 Cents M-K-E + Valo Photography

Last week I had the last minute opportunity to attend the 2 cents mke magazine launch party. I mostly went to support my good friend David, who was in a spread for the issue.. but it ended up being a ton of fun. I did a little looking into what the magazine was all about and instantly loved it. Drum roll please... aaand a direct quote from the mag,

"We all get tired of going to the same places and and experiencing the same night out. C'mon, there's so much more out there, right under your nose."

Took the words right out of my mouth. Needless to say I'll be picking this up from now on. Another fun little tidbit- after a few riverwest steins and a pbr mimosa (yeah it actually tasted great, how about that?) I decided to go shopping. Slightly intoxicated shopping at 10pm. I ended up buying a dress from Project M Botique. Somehow, it actually turns out it fits and looks quite nice. Overall, quite a sucessful night.
Some photobooth shots:

I need to mention that my belt was too big and wouldn't stay on, thanks to Trevor suckering me into letting him wear the belt I was supposed to be using :)

(belt, American Apparel; dress, Urban Outfitters)

@ Stonefly
Riverwest, Milwaukee

2 Cents
Valo Photography
Project M Botique


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