Put A Bird On It

A mixture of the first real snow fall of winter, and the words of the talented Genevieve Gorder have left me with a burning desire and rightful disposition to redecorate. I don't have any new art to lift my spirits, but I did have some cute mirror sparrows from urban outfitters that I haven't found the right spot for until now. I basically removed everything that was not bright, white, or floral, added some more floral, and put some birds up. The result is an all white shabby-grandma-chic lair I'm please to call my own.
My way of making "white winter" work for me.



As I plan the last year of my college career, I can't help but be antsy to take the classes I actually love, and can use in my professional career. I want to take nothing but communication, journalism, and art classes. But alas, I still need one more science class before I can say I'm done with generals. My thoughts on the matter:

Happy Spring Semester :)

Song of The Moment - Nightmusic - Grimes

New job and new semester means new inspiration. Song of the moment: Nightmusic
or check out Grimes - Vanessa (screen capped above)


Mid-Winter Outdoor Shoot

January in Wisconsin is supposed to be a winter wonderland, but thanks to mega climate shifts we have sunny days and 40 degree weather instead. I would normally be perturbed but days like that make for the perfect photo shoot weather, so I'm letting it slide and postponing my global warming rant for the time being. Onto the good stuff- my friend at Lexis Kay Photography had a shoot she needing assistance on so I was able to style the model, and travel around milwaukee to help out. Her style of photography is always eclectic and creative, with a focus on capturing natural moments as opposed to very contrived sets. There's never a time limit on the shoots, so at the end of the day it feels like hundreds of natural moments of special somethings have been captured, so when they're revisited and viewed you truly feel the dynamic of the moment. It's always a pleasure working with such talent. 

Lexis prepping inspiration board

Lost dog taking the spotlight 

more to come!


NYE 2012

The moment I heard of Hotel Foster's Masquerade New Years Eve, I knew exactly how we'd be ringing in the New Year. As per usual we didn't get near enough pictures, and this is the only decent one of my roommates and I, thanks to Weekend Natives. Highlight of the night? Possibly the moment my roommate and I both arrived wearing very similar (but different, I swear!) dresses.

(Top left: muah wearing H&M dress, & Aldo bag, right: tessa wearing.. a similar dress, vintage bag)

Happy New Year!