Ivy & Gold

Wisconsin's potential beauty really shows it's true colors in the fall. Light breezes, huge trees dropping their leaves covering fields in a sea of rich reds oranges and browns. A few friends and I decided to head for the countryside and explore.. 

Photos by Emma!

(Dress: Urban Outfitters, Rucksack: ALDO)

Happy Fall!


Falling for Knights

Fall means notebooks, pencils, and new macbooks for most of my friends. For me however, it has meant nothing more importantly than an excuse to take a leaf out of my cat lady neighbor's book, and delicately pile on layer upon layers of clothing. My inspiration this month? A combination of my cat lady's attire, her cats (that chase me), and Free People's September catalog.

My 2 roommates and I live in a little second and third floor apartment with a spiral staircase that houses no lack of charm, which we have rightfully deemed "Le Castle". Yes, my friends, I live in a castle. What better idea than to capture the true nature of the season, and our apartment, in a little shoot across the street?

dress original design (by Kate), sweater by Urban Outfitters
photographed by me

inspirational photos via Free People


Endless Summer

How long can I get away with wearing light pink? As long as I want. 

(sunday best dress from threadcase.com)

(frock from H&M, rucksack from Aldo)

photos by me!